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I am so very excited to share with you the 'Finding comfort with Just pure lovely co'  -  Advent Wax Melts!


Advent set includes 4 Individually packaged Advent wax melts, in gorgeous little reusable jute gift bags. 

These little beauties are a whopping 45g! 

Each heart's scent will last you around 12 hours, that's 3 full tea light burns or a little over an hour every evening to last you the whole week! 


Kicking off the first Sunday of Advent we have Candy Cane. 

Our festive Candy Cane blend brings together the classic seasonal aromatics of peppermint and spearmint with a warming hint of clove and a comforting touch of vanilla. This fresh, spicy, minty and sweet essential oil blend is a real aromatic and festive treat this season.

Candy cane has a sprinkling of red green and gold glitter to get you in the festive mood. 


The second Sunday in Advent gives us Christingle.

This uplifting and calming essential oil blend is an absolutely must for this season. The uplifting, happy aromatics of the citrus family in combination with the calming and soothing accords of lavender and chamomile are just what you need on a grey day or a day when the busyness of the season has you feeling a little frazzled! 

With Zesty orange and sweet tangerine essential oils at the forefront of this pure essential oil blend, you won’t find a more Christmassy aroma, with the added benefits of our pure essential oils for your health and wellbeing!

Christingle has a splattering of Orangey glitter to sparkle through your evenings.


The 3rd Sunday of Advent brings us to the wonderfully warming Gingerbread, 

This 100% pure essential oils blend ignites aromas reminiscent of baking with your Gran in the kitchen at Christmas.

Packed full of aromatic, rich, spicy clove oil and warming ginger oil with the faintest hint of lemon and pepper, all deliciously rounded off with an earthy, spiced kick of Cinnamon.


Finally, the last Sunday in Advent brings us to Carols at Midnight....

This nostalgic and comforting blend of pure Frankincense, Orange and Cinnamon essential oils offers a woody aroma that dances with citrus and spicy undertones. 

Frankincense oil has a base note fragrance and deep connection to the very first Christmas ever. It has been traditionally used in Christian places of worship for thousands of years and is still loved today for its mysterious, earthy scent. The addition of Cinnamon adds even more earthy tones to the blend, and with a twist of Sweet Orange this aroma is certain to become a cosy, comforting and uplifting favourite this season.

Carols at midnight has a beautiful blue glitter.  




Each heart's colouring will look different as they are hand made and poured.


  • Our biodegradable glitter is made from a certified compostable film. This means it has passed the official requirements for compostability, adhering to European (EN13432) and American (ASTM D6400) standards. 

    It's non toxic, free of heavy metals and approved for cosmetic use. The film is sustainably sourced, there are no genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms.

  • These little beauties are a whopping 45g each. If you plan to melt the whole thing in one go and burn for a short time each day, please ensure your burner will hold the right volume. 

    Alternatively you can cut each heart up and use a small cube each day.